Lyme Disease: Are you Literate?


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An in person workshop for social workers, professional counselors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists and registerd nurses of beginner, intermediate and advanced practice levels!

According to the CDC over 300,000 people each year, the majority in New England, contract Lyme disease, just one of a dozen possible illnesses spread by ticks. Lyme itself can mimic a wide variety of mental health conditions ranging from bipolar, to panic disorder, to major depression, even dementia.

At the end of the program the attendee will:

-Be able to identify and describe the prevalence and signs of disease with emphasis on neuropsychological presentations

- Be able to identify intervention methods for supporting patients and their families through the difficult phases of treatment, and symptom management

- Be able to identify specific methods to assist patients with self advocacy within the medical system

Schedule: Registration opens at 8:00 am, the program begins at 8:30am.

We will begin with an overview of tick borne diseases, and why mental health clinicians should be aware.

Break for 15 minutes at 10:30am, resume session and begin discussion of neuropsychological presentations of tick borne diseases.

Lunch from 12pm to 1pm, program resumes, to review interventions for clients and families.

Break at 2:30, resume at 2:45 and wrap up with case presntations

3:30 for Q&A session with lyme treatment expert and open discussion of topics learned, ending at 4pm for 6 hours of CE credit.

Presented by David Aronson LCSW

David has been practicing psychotherapy in Maine for 10 years. During his career he became afflicted with tick borne illness. He became keenly aware of the connection with mental health practice and the neuropsychiatric presentations of these infections. Through through research and a long personal journey he is now able to share his research and community resources to help improve clinical practice and client's lives.

Presnetation will inlcude a Q&A session from ONE of the following guest speakers:

Sean McCloy MD

Sean McCloy, MD, MPH, MA received his Medical Degree from New York Medical College. He completed his Family Medicine residency training at Maine Medical Center in Portland. He is a board-certified Diplomate in both Family Medicine and Holistic Medicine. 

Annette Mueller FNP

As a board certified family nurse practitioner, Annette was trained in conventional medicine but became quickly disillusioned with the primary care model which offered little time, or tools, to address chronic illness. 



Certificates will be delivered at the end of the training to those who attended the completed training, no partial credit is awarded, after turining in a completed course evaluation

November 6th, South Portland ME

October 18th, Washington DC

April 10th, Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN

If you do not wish to register online or have any questions, concerns or grievances you may contact David Aronson directly (207) 331-4109 or email 

Please also contact David Aronson directly if any special accomodations are required

Cancelled registrations are awarded a credit for another training on another date, if the cancellation is more than 14 days prior to the event date registrant may receive a %50 refund instead of a credit. A registration may also be transferred to another individual, contact David Aronson directly for all cancelled or transferred registrations

Click here to register in Maine


Click here to register in Minnesota, Washington DC & Ohio


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